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Kennel Cough!
There is currently a virulent outbreak of Kennel Cough in Clanfield & Petersfield and surrounding areas.

Kennel Cough, or Infectious Tracheobronchitis as it is properly known, is a highly contagious disease in dogs.  The cause is quite a complex interaction of common respiratory viruses and a bug called Bordetella Bronchiseptica.  It is the Bordetella Bronchiseptica infection that causes the very bad cases.

Once your dog has been exposed to the infection, it will generally take five to seven days before the signs of the disease are seen.  Kennel cough usually causes a dry, hacking cough, runny nose and sometimes sneezing.

As a courtesy to my dogs and my customers dogs if your dog has any signs of Kennel cough please contact me to reschedule your appointment.

Due to the unusually warm September weather there are a high number of dogs infested with fleas. Please keep up the treatment of Advocate monthly and if your dog is infested with fleas we are now charging an additional £10 surcharge to cover fumigation and the defleaing of your dog prior to grooming.


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Welcome to Scruffy To Fluffy

Fully Insured Professional Dog Grooming Services

Based in ‘Old’ Clanfield PO8 0RH near the Rising Sun Pub (great pub lovely food)

Fabulous bright modern spa parlour and doggie wet room.

We groom your dog properly to a very high standard legs & head

Scissored correctly not clipped short & ugly

Beautifully Groomed and Pampered Pooches by appointment Monday to Thursday

We prefer to groom small to medium sized dogs, maximum weight limit is 25kg – e.g.  Springer Spaniels are the largest sized dog we groom

If you are having problems finding a groomer for large breed dogs txt me and I can recommend an excellent large breed groomer.

“We do get very booked up especially during the summer”

“We run a cancellation list which works well if you give us your mobile number and can do short-ish notice we txt cancellations” you get an appointment I am kept busy!

please phone,email or txt me if I can fit you in I will if I can’t I am very sorry !

and I will get back to you asap

Many thanks…. Debbi

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