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We Love to Take Care of Your Pets

Located in Old Clanfield, fully insured spa parlour and secure doggie garden, with more than 20 years experience your pet always receives our personal on-to-one grooming services and they go home happy and smelling fabulous. 

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Scruffy To Fluffy offer dog grooming services Clipping and Scissoring techniques of the highest standards for small to medium sized dogs.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is ear care necessary for dogs?

At Scruffy to Fluffy, we know that ear care is essential for optimum canine health. We are extremely careful and use only the most gentle cleaning & wiping techniques using veterinary ear cleaner in order to groom the sensitive areas around and inside your dog’s ears, which will help to avoid ear problems. 

Get in touch with our Clanfield pet parlour to ensure your four legged friend is happy and healthy, or read some more pet owner tips and tricks on coat maintenance or paw and claw condition.

Do I need to worry about grass seeds


Although they may look innocent enough, grass seeds can present a real danger to your dog. If not found and left untreated, they can latch onto your dogs coat and cause serious infections and worse!

Grass seeds can settle into your dog’s skin and stay there unnoticed for a long time, causing problems such as ulcers and ear infections. Here’s how to spot them and how to help your dog…

Which are the worst grass seeds?

The barbed seeds – also known as grass awns – can be found in many wild grasses, as well as on barley and rye. They tend to get stuck in your dog’s fluffiest areas, such as their paws, ears, tail or armpits. They can also be inhaled or swallowed and cause infections. In the worst cases, they can get forced under your dog’s skin and may move around to different parts of their body. There are some horrific outcomes.

If grass seeds are not removed quickly, abscesses and ulcers can form, along with many other health issues. If your vet suspects your dog has one buried somewhere, he or she’s likely to do some thorough investigation work – even if they can’t see or feel them!

My own dog had one of these barbed seeds deep in her ear, my poor dog was in a lot of distress until it was safely removed by a Vet.

At Scruffy To Fluffy if you would like and your dog will tolerate it, we can give very short paw cuts (poodle feet) particularly in the summer so that the seeds are less likely to get stuck. This is not suitable for all breeds, in which case make sure you check their feet very carefully. Please see our Extra Paws Treatments in Services

Which Shampoo?

Getting the bathing process right is fundamental to a good groom and using the right shampoo is really important. We spend a lot of time deciding on the correct shampoo for your dogs coat type.

Some breeds such as Westies and Shih-Tzu's are predisposed to yeasty skin problems in which case we will use anti-fungal shampoos. 

Sometimes Vet's will recommend a particular shampoo, that's fine bring it along and we will use it. Remember to ask us for it back so you can take it home with you. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Our Pricing
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Scruffy To Fluffy offer dog grooming services Clipping and Scissoring techniques of the highest standards for small to medium sized dogs.

Our Pricing
Scruffy To Fluffy Price List

These prices are for regularly groomed dogs. If your dog is matted you may incur additional charges. As a rule we do not carry out lengthy de-matting. If your dog is severely matted we will discuss with you the best course of action which is usually a clip off as this is the kindest course of action. If your dog is infested with fleas there will be an extra charge of £20. The reason for this is because we have to isolate other dogs in our care and fumigate the parlour. Please keep your dog regularly Flea treated. Any Tics found will be removed using a special tic tool this is included in the groom as no one can help these pesky little creatures crawling onto our dogs!

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